Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Single Best Mentoring Area For Cyber Security Leaders

The most important thing that a cyber leader can learn is how to reduce disruptive outside work. This allows a cyber leader to focus on their plan and priorities.

Mentors know that most of the complaints from cyber teams are usually around competing priorities from distracting or disruptive outside work. Reducing those distractions is a leadership issue.

Doing so, requires planning or, more precisely, recognizing the importance of a lack of a plan. 

Simply put, a lack of a plan is a vacuum.

Like any vacuum, it won’t stay empty for long because a vacuum has little resistance…especially in cyber security.

Someone will sense that there is no plan on your part and is going to fill that vacuum – another team, your boss, some decisive non-security executive. 

A plan with their goals. Their timeline.  And, some newly introduced level of disruption. 

Do this enough and you’ll always be on the end of a dog’s wagging tail. And, others may always be defining your plans and priorities for you. 

Whether you are a CISO, manager, or individual contributor, this is in your power to control. 

When you see that there is no plan for something that impacts you, you might as well fill it with your own plan. 

Your goals. Your timeline. Your control over any potential disruption. 

Because once a plan is in place, it’s harder to replace, because there is already a plan. 

And, an existing plan means resistance that needs to be overcome. 

So, it’s absolutely necessary for you to fill that vacuum. And, fast.

So you can reduce disruptive outside work. 

Because that’s what good cyber security leaders do.

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