Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mentoring Towards a North Star In A Cyber Program

Cyber security leaders should be grown and mentored just like individual contributors. A good approach is to mentor simple, easy to remember adages or truisms as such adages tend to have strong application to not just lanyone in cyber security.

A great cyber security adage to follow and mentor others to follow.

“Get the story right and everything else is just tactics” 

Your "story" is your strategy, your North Star, where you’ll be. 


With time invested in broad communication and consensus.

Because, security can’t operate in a vacuum. 

Security also can’t operate without a plan for compromise. 

Compromise, because there’ll always be real life limitations not reflected in frameworks or certification tests – timing, funding, program maturity, workload, distrating work, always something.  So, you'll need to a way to flexibly deal with the realities of your organization.

With your story right and already agreed-upon, you have everyone pointed in the right direction and working towards the same goal. You'll know this when disagreeents arise on the tactics not the end state.

With everyone pointed in the right direction, you now have more flexibility (if needed) to compromise on any tactics as long as the copromise will ultimately help you reach your cyber security program's larger objectives. 

Business process owner tactics.
Your team's tactics. 

As long as you get there. 

And move the cyber program forward.

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