Friday, October 25, 2019

Every Cyber Security Program Has a Voice

There is no specific approach for successful cyber security teams. The characteristics of a given cyber team aren't binary but along a spectrum that is driven by external factors and purposeful internal choices. 

Some of the drivers? 

Regulated industry or less regulated.

Directive approach or collaborative.

Compliance focused or risk focused.

IT aligned or enterprise.

Each program is somewhere of the spectrum of each of these areas.  Collectively forming a voice. A voice that the rest of the organization hears.  Drawing them nearer or pushing them away.

Any combination of which can lead to greatness.

Each cyber security program’s “voice” starts with their characteristics and approaches. And, their principles as a program.  A voice comprised of words and of deeds.

Positive or negative, every security program has a voice. 

The strength, direction, and positiveness of that voice is determined by the cyber leadership

....and added value of the collective contribution to that voice.  

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